Garden buildings are a smart investment in any home. Due to the vast array of designs, sizes, and features available, more people are turning to the wood structures to create a home office, games room, sleek bar, or extra living spaces. 

London is one city benefiting greatly from garden buildings, and it isn’t hard to see why. Here are three reasons why wooden buildings are becoming increasingly popular in London gardens. 

Reason #1: There is Less Square Footage in London Homes 

London has the highest average cost per square foot than any other city in the UK, and the rate has increased by a whopping 28% in the past five years. For instance, postcodes in Chelsea and Kensington reportedly cost a whopping £1,721 per square foot, compared to £159 per square foot in the North East. As Londoners are forced to buy smaller homes to match their budget, they can turn to a garden buildings manufacturer to create an extra guest bedroom, playroom, or gym. The additional space could transform a homeowner’s everyday life and may even prevent them from spending a substantial amount of money on a bigger property. 

Reason #2: More Londoners are Working from Home 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees to temporarily say goodbye to the workplace and complete tasks in the comfort of their homes. While people have returned to offices, many hardworking professionals have continued to embrace remote working. According to a recent survey, more than a third of all Londoners now work from home. Due to a change in working habits, more city dwellers are eager to create a quiet, creative home office to boost their focus, productivity, and performance. For this reason, many people are introducing wooden buildings into their gardens to enter professional spaces away from the hustle and bustle of their homes. Also, the external space can help a busy professional to separate their career from their personal life to enjoy a better work-life balance and improved mental health. Therefore, a garden building is an investment in your career, job satisfaction, and general happiness. 

Reason #3: There is a Greater Demand for Room Rentals 

It might shock you to learn that there are approximately seven times as many renters as there are rooms available in the Big Smoke. As a result, London homeowners can top up their finances by renting out one or more rooms to desperate tenants. A residential log cabin is a smart choice for homeowners looking to expand their space to secure a rental income. Different sizes and designs are available for various garden shapes, sizes, and budgets. Also, the stylish cabins can include optimal thermal insulation and noise insulation to create a comfortable, safe environment for one or more tenants. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why wooden buildings are becoming increasingly popular in London. The structures cannot only add value to a property but provide much-needed square footage, support remote working life, and even provide an additional income during the cost-of-living crisis.

A garden building could serve as an investment in your career, job satisfaction, and personal finances.