room2 Chiswick is setting the new standard for environmental responsibility, using technical innovation, local d­­esigners and craftsmanship and zero-waste policies to prove sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing style, convenience, or comfort when on the move. room2 Chiswick is the ideal destination for eco-conscious and responsible travellers looking for the ultimate stay in London.

Using 89% less energy per m2 compared to typical UK hotels, it is the first hotel in the world to account for its entire carbon footprint, making it ‘whole life net zero’. Both the embodied and operational carbon have, and will be, rebalanced throughout the entire hometel’s lifecycle and all emissions associated with the hometel’s production and construction, materials used, operations, maintenance, refurbishment, and including the eventual clearance of the building will equal zero.

Boca 9
Boca 9

Each of the 86 bespoke rooms and communal spaces have been carefully crafted in collaboration with local artisans, inspired by the spirit of Chiswick’s 19th century arts and crafts heritage, which valued craftsmanship over a perceived decline in quality from mass factory production. From bespoke marbled print wallpaper to handcrafted mirrors, guests can expect work from rising creative talent in every room and all loose bespoke furniture was manufactured within 10 miles of the property and made with Forest Stewardship Council timber.

Rooms at room2 Chiswick start from £129 per night for two people staying in a snug room. For more information, please visit their website