London Blackjack Variant Is Top Charted at UK Online Casinos

Blackjack is one of the oldest tables to be played at casinos. Scholars have argued about the game’s origins, but most enthusiasts agree that it was an invention of the French, who also brought us roulette. The game was called ‘vingt-et-un,’ meaning 20 and 1. Blackjack was introduced to UK casinos right at the end of World War I and has since grown to become one of the most played tables in UK casinos. In Britain, the game is commonly referred to as twenty-one, keeping the original name the game was called during its introduction to gambling circles. Over time, different versions of the game emerged with varying rules. Blackjack London is one of the offshoots of the game that quickly gained popularity in UK casinos. It is a more exciting version of the game that a surprisingly large number of gambling fans don’t know a thing about. Here is all you need to know about the game and why it is loved as it is in London.

What is Blackjack London

London Blackjack, also referred to as London Deal Blackjack, is a variation of the game that adds an element of excitement and thrill to normal play and one you will not miss on the top list of UK blackjack casinos. Even though the game is rarely played outside the country, it has grown in popularity in the UK, and the results are satisfying. As you might have guessed, Blackjack London is named after the city where it was invented. The game is played with a 52-card deck with a set of rules that deviates from the classic form of the game. Among the most important rules of the game that set it apart from other forms of blackjack is how the croupier deals cards.

This variation has players deal their cards face up so that they are visible to the other players and the dealer. As for the dealer’s hand, players only get to see a single card with the other dealt face down. The face-up card is dealt first, and the face-down card is dealt after players receive their cards. Beyond the unique gameplay that sets Blackjack London apart, many review sites highlight it as one of the games with the best odds of winning when playing at top casino sites for blackjack. The excitement Blackjack London offers spices up the game’s strategy and increases how players interact among themselves. Its gameplay and favorable odds make it a really catching choice for players looking for a thrilling casino experience.

How to Play Blackjack London

Like all other forms of blackjack, the main goal of the game is to get as close to 21 as a player can without going over. The game is played on most London real money blackjack casinos so that you will never miss a version of it, especially if you are interested in exploring the city differently. A score of 21 is known as blackjack. Get this score on your cards, and you cannot lose the game because there is no way for the dealer to beat your score. You can only miss out on a blackjack win if the dealer scores 21 as well, which ends the round in a push, which is a tie. You score a natural blackjack when you get an ace and a 10-card as your first two cards. This wins you the round automatically unless the dealer lands a total score of 21 at the end of the round.

Players are dealt their first two cards, which gives them their initial score. After the two cards are dealt, players can hit, which signals the dealer to issue them another card. With a good score on their cards, such as 18, 19, or 20, players can choose to stand, and the dealer issues them no more cards as a hit is most likely to make them bust. You can also choose to double down, which is simply doubling your bet by 100%. You can only take a single card after doubling down, forcing you to stand. If issued with identical cards, players can choose to split so that they have two hands now with the same card. The dealer issues an additional card on both hands after a split. Players can also choose to surrender when the hand they are dealt is not likely to win them the round. The option is only available to players the first time they have to make a call on their cards. Some casinos do not allow the surrender option and offer a separate game with the option. Players have the option for the insurance bet, a side bet given when the dealer shows an ace. The bet pays 2:1 and is only valid if the dealer has a natural blackjack.

Dealer rules for the game apply as they do on other games. The dealer has to keep hitting until they reach a score of 17, after which they have to stand. Each player’s hand is played to completion before the dealer can move on to the next player. This occurs for every round until the game comes to an end.

Strategy for London Blackjack

Blackjack games apply the same strategy that mostly dictates when to stand, hit, surrender, split, or double down. In Blackjack London, strategy will get you a long way, but only if you depart from it and go with your hunch occasionally.

The first aspect of blackjack strategy concerns when to hit. You can play the perfect strategy, but it needs you to memorize every move you make at every round. Going by strategy, you hit when you score between 5 and 8, no matter what card the dealer is showing. Scores of 9-11 on your first two cards require you to double down or hit no matter what the dealer is showing. At a score of 12 and above, the likelihood of going bust is much higher. In this case, you hit if the dealer is showing 2 or 3, stand when the dealer’s up card is a 4, 5, or 6, and hit if the dealer’s exposed card is a 7, 8, 9, or 10. The idea behind this strategy is not to get to 21 but to make sure the dealer’s total is, at most, what you own so that you beat the dealer.

Totals of 17-21 on your first two cards require you to stand because you are more likely to bust than hit a score below 21 with such a score. You also stand at 17 since this results in a push if dealer rules dictate that they stand at 17. Using this strategy, pairs are always split unless they add up to 20, in which case you stand. Players can hit or split with pairs of 4,4 and 7,7. This is the basic strategy to use with London Blackjack, but players can always go with their hunch and try out a different style of playing between games. With the advent of augmented and virtual reality changing different industries, casino games like blackjack should get even more livelier. This way, your strategy is much easier to implement with the immersive views of the table.


Blackjack is one of the most played tables worldwide after poker. The game has become so famous that a Blackjack Hall of Fame recognizes authors, experts, and pro players who have made notable contributions. Blackjack London is the typical game you expect to find at online casinos, and you may have to scour through online casinos to find one that offers this version of the game.